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Why is exercise important to health, wellbeing

Do Health and Wellbeing  go together yes they do 

three reasons i do fitness in the morning 

It helps me get moving clears my mind to start the day

As you get older you need to keep the tendons and mussels  strong 

arthritis  is one of the things that can make you thing you have to stop 

what you enjoy doing, Change how you think, what you think about 

will change, do i use this my self yes i do below are three exercise  

supple is easer to walk; you use your hands and arms all day without thinking, so the ball helps your wrists and lower back, your arms to your head is helping your shoulders and your neck, must be done slowly alway ask your GP if you need advice

1, heal toe four-time both feet, 2, your hands as if holding a ball as in the photo from right to the left of the body then rotate the upper hand so it is the lower hand do this as slowly as you can eight times,

3, have your left hand by your belly button lift your right arm your hand is by the top of your head look to your right back to the centre & repeat on your left side, two times each side. facebookhealing4life@fear2free

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