angry badly car't deceitful envy fear grim hate impossible jealous killing lacking miffed needless objection panic quarrelsome rampage sadly tacky understanding vexing washed-out yawn zapped

Why have i posed this from the book

Tonight on channel five  they starting a play about fraud

Why am i talking about this now?

How could  it mater to you 

were can you get help 

What should you do if it happens to you

posted this page from my book because on Monday night on channel five they starting a film about someone who is defrauded, but for anyone who is going through a fraud right now it could be too hard to watch, you can come through it I know that because I have done it,

there is a simple way to let go of your thoughts and feelings yes I do this

I’m sorry, I love you, Please forgive me

people to contact 

police, your bank,  victim support  please don't shut your self away pinterest

facebook healing4life@fear2free email


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