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What is this photo, Why have I used it

How does this photo  relate to you

Why am  I using foot to show you how you can use it

to change how you think, feel  and move

What is the photo ? Why have I used it What is the problem, How can Solve it, How will solve it, What is the photo? Why have I used it What the problem is, How can I Solve it, How will solve it,

I like to understand why It can take time, to achieve the change how I’m thinking, feeling, this is that the hospital wanted me to use to help me walk as I had some bad falls, because of polio, I was doing Tai Chi and some fitness training. Still, I realised I needed to take an in-depth look at what I was doing, Do I use the support no I set my self a goal to retrain the foot there was an even greater goal to be able to stand with all my weight on my right leg without holding on to something. ? can I now stand walk better yes but I do work at it every day. Yes, I work on what I think every day as well. To learn how at I will talk more about this in my Live Video on Facebook Monday Pinterest


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