Anger badly casting emotion frantic grudge hungry impossible justest karma lost madding nasty oppressive panic quarrel unjust ruff sadness yell

What can i do i'm stuck in doors

This is what I hear  

The quickest way to change

Fill your time 

How can you do that?

Can i ask you will you

below are some ways i've filled my day.

This is what I hear when I look at the news, locally,

when I do have to go out, I will say here I did not build this; It has all come from what people were showing away, the paint is recycled the fence was going to the tip the roof is a strong plastic that was dumped in the street, the computer table I picked up for pound, the shed was here but was falling down when I bought the house, I have painted my fence, this decking, What project have you been putting off, there are some ideas talk with friends on skype what’s an app, start an art group, write that book, what could you grow in pots to eat, most things you can order on “line, I must thank Daniel, this dad who did all the building, I hope this gives you some ideas.

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