Zero worthless vive unhappy terrifying stuck ruthless quite oppressive naive moody lousy imperfect harmful grim frail enraged distressed cry bad annoying

Were is the end of the track

Why dose there seen know end insight 

What can i do to move on 

Were should I move to in my  life 

Is there answer  Yes there is 

Why when you have planted all the seeds for your business you see them start to grow,

Why does it feel like thing are not moving,

Why does the line look like there is on end in insight,

What is the answer, review what you are doing because you are looking too far down the line, do the groundwork things will begin to change yes you do need to look ahead, but the poppies did no come up as soon as they were planted it took time, so you have planted your seeds. the pattern is just the same if you are changing how you think or feel you have planted the seeds and look after them. Author From Fear To Peace 



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