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Walk of peace at Ayscoughfee Hall

How do you find the peace within you
Some times you can go to a place is quite,
you can relax as I did in the peace walk
at Ayscooghlee Hall garden near Spalding
could you find a quiet place to walk or sit
near you.
Author of From Fear To Peace

Walk of Peace

Why was i there 

How did i plan it

Why at Ayscoughfee Hall 

As i only moved to Cambridge  earlier this  year i know nothing of the places to visit 

i have booked some days out to get to know more about museums, towns near me,

Ayscougfee Hall and Gardens was not far, i could also see Spalding  town,

The Peace walk  is in the grounds of Ayscoughfee Hall  was done to remember  all 

who had died  in wars but it was also a reminder to me that i could sit or walk, clear 

my mind  of all chatter, be at peace any were inside, outside you just need to clear your 

mind  off all the clutter you can do this any were.

Author of From Fear To Peace


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