anger bad care dreading enemy fear grudge hurting impossible justest lost mad nasty oppressive panic quitting unfair yelling zero

t's now time to change

What am i talking about change with all that is happening,

Why can change make a difference to you

How can you make you feel good now

Take action  now

It’s now Time To Change, How You Look At Your Life it Will Change,

How you feel, What do I mean you can’t change what is happening right now but, there are always two ways to look at every story, here’s a simple way to look at it this bench was going to the tip, yes it took time to change, but this is an excellent opportunity to look at your life, make a plan of how you can grow, time does not stand still, here are three things to get you started, 1, meditation will help you relax, clear your mind 2, learning from a mentor how has done it 3, believe in your dream see it live it, Facebook healing4life Author of From Fear To Peace Facebook live Mondays, Thursdays


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