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Troubled Waters

What dose water have to do with trouble

Water in a river or the sea can change in seconds

Why is dose that mater because that is how quick 

things can change,

How can this help you,  here are some things you can do right now.

Troubled Waters

Why not use this time to look at what you are doing.’

What do I mean, Let me say here and now we must

think before we act with the coronaries is a chance to look at how we are living, How is that important because worry affects the hold of you, you are mind-body, How can you help you, Change the things you can .

1, make sure you drink plenty of water

2, do some exercise even if you do have to stay in

3, find book see is you can take a page make a happy story from that page  Facebook Healing4life@fear2free pinterest 


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