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Things From Your Past

Why am I taking  about the past

Why is it important  to you and how you feel

When you are worrying or stressed your mind remembers 

the pattern and is reminding you to be aware  

Why not stop your stress now

sawToday was Wisbech Christmas fair why am I talking about things from your past because of this beautiful engine, yes it was beautiful to see but life has changed Why is this important and how would it matter to you what you can do about it?

Right now as I walked through the town, I could feel the tension building why because its will I get the presents what about the food will I get everything I need, How does this relate to your past why does it matter it is very important you are repeating a pattern that makes you feel stressed then you don’t relax and can’t sleep, How can you change its in 5 minutes

how breath in for 5 holds to count of 5 breath out for count of 5 this will help you clear your mind you will find it easier to think clearly, I have one question for you could you buy one thing less as a present one less on your food list, make donation salvation army Pinterest Author of From Fear To Peace


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