anxious bad confused distress enraged frail grave hard ill jealous lousy moaning nasty oppressive painful quit rotten sad terrible unhappy vindictive weary yelling zero

The Stages of Awakening

The Three Sages Of Awakening

What do i mean

How dose it affect you

Why dose it affect you

The three questions you need the answers to

Why because this is how you make the change

in your health , wellbeing this is hoe i did it in my book

From Fear To Peace

Things change around you all the time but mostly we just 

accept  that this has to be and there are may thing that you 

would find harder if they were not there like turning on the 

light switch  when its dark, 

Why have you not learned how to take control of how you 

think , feel because we had to learn how to make a light,

Why do you not take control of what you are thinking feeling

How can you change the fear and be free 

with simple easy steps i will show you how i did it 

you can do it too 

Author of From Fear To Peace


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