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The Park were I Frizz and Amy met

I am starting today to stating today to tell you how I and yes you can change your life as have. Today's photo is the park were I used to live, Why have I used this because of this was How I got to know Fizz and Amy

This is were the book begins and were the change for me and Fizz began, 

Why the park because this how I got to know Amy and Fizz we would 

walk their most days,   How is this so important ?  because this was were

The journey to change began for me and Frizz.

why would this help you   it will show you how to change 

were will it help you         to look at you not at others to change

How can it help you         you  will understand  how to to change,

What you think about this will change how you feel.

Yes it is free  to change 


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