angry bad crashes dread emotions fearful grouch hard impossible justest keen losses missing nagging oppressive panic question unpleasant rage strange xyelling

Renewal rebuild why is it important

How do you come though floods
Volcanos fire this is just how the earth renews its self
Why work against the earth
how can you work with the earth
This the lesson I had to learn after losing everything
Below are ways to get you to let go of the past

Why the picture  of the volcano  because  the tree is determined  to grow and flower

built in everything is will to serve when you are truly  at the edge this exactly  that 

the tree is doing so how dose this relate  to you and me, you always have a chose 

how react to a situation, this is what I had to do after losing  everything to fraud 

How did I do that by letting go of my past 

Were did I let go of my hurt, fear in my head 

Why did I do that because In my heart I wanted to serve 

How did I change me I let go of negative  thoughts 

I hurt to I'm happy

I'm lost to i'm free

I'm sad to I'm glad to be free

www.healing4 author of From Fear To Peace 

i would like thank Pinterest for the piture


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