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Panic To Calm

Panic To Calm

How do you let stress take control of what you are feeling it is not what you are feeling that is making you feel stressed it is the thoughts that you are thinking
that you have to change
How can you change negative thinking to positive
here are what I mean
I hate how i am feeling I love how I an feeling
I am sad I am smiling
I feel fearful I am free
These are all simple things I have done to change
me, these are all in my book From Fear To Peace

Why have put this up today 

The pace of life is so busy you can forget to take time 

for you you  mind becomes over active you find it hard to relax 

it can also interrupt your sleep 

how can you change this noise  in your head 

by taking 5 minutes when you are starting your day 

just to gently breath in hold for a count of 4 repeat 4 to 5 times

look in the mirror say i am having a great day 

you can find this all in my book

From Fear To Peace 


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