My Book out soon

I wanted a self-help book that was easy to read without having to read the whole book for the answers when I was stuck,
This is all simple steps that I used to change my life, from fear to peace,
Yes I have rebuilt my life so I know it can be done.

I now live in a beautiful cottage in Wisbech Cambridgeshire.

So can you have your dreams?   Yes, you can have your dreams come true.

How did i do it.

Here is a free tip to get you started change how you thing and things will change.

A short bit about me why i write this book

Alexia Franklin is from Newhaven East Sussex she went straight from school to work as a nurse, married, started a cleaning business then John got cancer for the fourth time he died, so She went back to school to Study health and well-being then She became ill and was defrauded lost all her money& home nearly her life.


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