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Money Dose Not Grow ON Tree's

Do you no where  you spend your money

How can you take control  of your spending 

why do you buy on impulse  

How to take  control of your money  

what you spent on because most people have no idea where they have spent their money,

so I thought that it could be an excellent time to take a look at some of the ways you can keep check on what you spend, and before you ask yes I do keep a check on what I spend, know what I bought why I bought it, here are some easy ways to take control of your spending 1, always ask for your reset 2, at the end of the week check the resets you will find out exactly where your money went that week

If you buy on impulse only ten pounds with you, don't use your card unless its an emergency, one thing I do if I wasn't something as I did with electric can opener I made my self wait by doing that I was shore i needed it I found one on offer so my waiting paid off yes it was a good make, I hope this gets you thinking how you can take care of your money. www.healing4life.co.uk www.alexiafeartofree.com Author of From Fear To Peace


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