love why is it important

love is very important, there are may ways it can be felt, here are just a few ways we feel love. 

spending time with a friend, being with a pet, spending time with family, giving to the community.

It is much more important than we think, if take the time to say i love you to your self how dose it make you feel,

yes i know to begin with it dose feel a bit silly at first, just go back to one of  those special  moments say with your 

first girl or boy friend, the anticipation  at spending time with them, the feeling butterflies  heart feels like your heart is rising,

hold that feeling, how dose it make you feel lighter happy want to smile laugh. 

so is it easy to feel this way ? Yes it is

Why am i writing  about love  it is very important  to every  one  it can affect  every thing we do, 

it will affect every thing we do, it can affect our body in may ways from simple aching of the muscles , and this can sometimes lead to   much deeper problem, even simple things we see in the media can have an affect on  how we feel, so otherwise we can change this ?

Yes there  definitely are  ways we can change what we think and how we feel , the body cannot change the mind, but the mind can change the body, are  many simple ways we can start this process one of the easiest to put into practice is using your breathing, taking in a long slow deep breath to the counter four hold for a few moments and then slowly repeat this process at least four   times or until  you feel more relaxed, almost anywhere at any time because we need nothing to put this in practice  but  our  breath.

When you feeling a situation or emotions make you feel uncomfortable you  can try this simple technique can be very useful before going into an important meeting, or unusual situation it can help you to clear your mind by doing this simple breathing, 

of breathing in for four, out for four.


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