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Looking At What Is Around You

Why am I saying look at what is around you

How does it make a difference

What should you be looking at

Lets take a closer look at what I am saying its so easy o get fixed on what is not working in your life you don’t see what you do have that is free, will change the way you are thinking I was walking home, came across this hedge by looking at the hedge thinking how pretty it was

What had I done? I had changed the way I was thinking

Free tip to help Tapping is easy to do Author of From Fear To Peace HowI changed my life

Why am I saying look around you to change because  when you are 

out and you still have negative thoughts you don't see what is there sometimes

its right in front of you but when your thoughts have taken control you

walk with you head down don't see that great car that has just gone by 

even when you are in your place of work you really take time to look 

you see things you never noticed  before this changes  what you are thinking

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