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Let go of the Stress in the build up to Christmas

Life this time of year gets buzzer every day as you have the build-up to Christmas

I found this comic strip on Pinterest it made me laugh because of this how tress can

make you feel yes come close no not that close, how would you like to feel stress-free

right now.

Author of From Fear To Peace

How can you love the buzz leading up to Christmas

Why not take  some time to just write down what 

you are thinking, feeling sat thank you for the thoughts and 

feeling  but i love you and i love the buzz of my life 

I am having a great time thank you

tear up what you have written put on the fire 

thank you i give these thought to God to the universe  

how ever this works for you

i would love to hear from you if there is something you would like 

me to write about or questions you have


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