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I Still Remember

I still remember when i prayed for the things i have now

My goal after clearing debt from the fraud was to find a new home,

we are hearing about the downfall of Tomas cook the travel company, yes it is terrible to go to work one day and find you don't have a job, yes you will have feelings similar to a bereavement some of the feelings you will go though anger crying loss, but don't stay there with small theps change how you think

these are whhat i use to clear the fear yes that's exsactly what you are feeling

Im Sorry I love You Please Forgive Me Thank You

Why do you remember  more of what went wrong because  this is what you hear most

With social media today it is every were do you need to know all that is bad ?

Why not step back look at the good in life, How can you do that learn something  new 

lets take look at history when all the mines in Uk were closing people though life had ended,

but people stared to learn new things they have had to change how they were thinking learn

new skills work in a different way,  so come back to what i write in my book

From Fear To Peace 

Change what you think about,

What you think about will change 


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