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How can I do exercise in a small space

Workout  how can you do that on your own  

Were can you workout if you only have a small space 

What exercises can you do 

Why will that help me 

What will I need to exercise  

answer just you 

How can you do these gently

1, High knees in a chair, still helps your mussels, hips

2, on half jacks on your bed on your side, or lying flat even if you only move a bit you're moving your hip, strengthening mussels

3, Calf raises you can do holding on to sink, it helps your feet balance leg mussel

4, chair triceps can be done on a chair with arms

5, side lifts can be done on the bed,

I have talked about Tai Chi in previous blog so this another was to be fit at home. Facebook Live Mondays, Thursdays Author From Fear To Peace You tube alexis2ah video’s


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