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Goals, Dreams Who do you want to meet ?

Dr Bradley Nelson

Has been on my goal list to meet and work with for a long time but could not see how we would meet as he was from US but looking though facebook there he was saying he would be doing a workshop in London the next weekend about

The Emotion Code how you can release trapped emotions, I new this was my chance so booked my place, I could only get a vip ticket i would be some near the front i did not think would be in font row but yes i was the seat next to me was empty later a lady came sat next to me her name was Jean as Brad stated he called up on stage i was sitting next his wife, yes i did get to work with Brad the photo Jean Brad, me, Goals Dreams do come to gather but only when the time is right .

How do you achieve your goals and meet the person of your goals

believe you will do it see it happening 

live it in your hart , mind 

but God the universe  will only bring it to gather  when the time is right

so for me the lesson was patience because  its  i need this now 

instead of taking time  to  stop and think about what it is you 

really need. 

Author of From Fear To Peace



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