how I came to Wisbech 12 years ago I was defrauded lost everything I had including my home I was very ill at the time of the fraud

the police in Sussex where I came from was so helpful,

I have written a book called From Fear to Peace, how I changed my life bought a house here,

I could not get back to Sussex so I donated a copy to police Commissioner here to say thank you for the help I had.

people are so quick some time to say what is wrong, not so quick it goes well.

there is more than the story here but it tells you a bit about me.

Go how can you let the hurt go and give to someone that helps them,

it doe's not need to to be something big it could be just a kind word 

go help at local charity just telling someone you like there top will make them 

feel good but also makes you feel good,

so what will you do today.


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