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From Fear To Peace

When I eventually got back home, I felt I must try to get out of this, It might help me feel better So next morning i made up my mind i would do a few minutes’ walk in the park opposite my house.

As I opened my front door and stepped outside, right in front of me was the white and black dog I had met all those months ago. He was barking, but this time he was heading straight for a bus that was coming down the road towards them.

I grabbed the lady’s coat and the dog’s lead. I told the dog to behave and the owner thanked me.

She said, “ Don’t touch him. He may bite .”

Were is the opportunity they are sometimes so small 

that you can miss them if your not looking for them

were is the opportunity  there are to ways one i was 

there to save the lady and her dog so i had a chance 

to give help

the  second  way was i had asked for help from God 

universe what ever name works for you there was 

the lady and dog so we walked together in the park

this how we got to know each other that was my 

opportunity for the help i had asked for.


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