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Fraud How Why Were

Why am I talking about fraud because with the way we communicate today it's easy to forget that when you are connecting someone on the web they can put a photo that's not the person you think they are, yes this has happened to me. 

please contact me you do not need to go though this alone 

Author of From fear To Peace 

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Fraud is easy these days with the internet but it just means you need 

think do i really know this person when you have not met them, 

How can this affect you if you are victim  you  are afraid to tell anyone 

What dose it make you Feel 

Fear pain loss hurt 

Can you change this yes you can how

here are some things to help 

say I' love you

I'm sorry please 

For give me

Thank you 

you are letting it go this will help change 

how you think and feel


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