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Fear To Peace To Patience

What was my fear to patience

How did I let the fear go

Why it's important  to let it go

is this necessary yes it is

Why even with all that is happening right now you can 

change the way you do it 

how right now 

Fear To Peace To patience

What am I saying in this time of turmoil with all the worry about money,

health, Today I had a lesson in patience, Why is that important to what is happening right now, what difference will it make to what is happening, there are things in life we can change like what is happening in the world right now,

here are three of my fearsÂ

I had to let go of Writing From Fear To Peace

 sending to a publisher

 allowing it to go for professional review, from Blueink this took a long time, every time I felt the fear, worry I would see the letter as I dreamed it as a great review, Today that dream came true, What is happening now will change, What three things will you change about you. Facebook healing4life Live Mon, Thur

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I would like to thank HayHouse for all there help

Blueink for the review


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