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Fear, Stress

Why is fear and stress such a problem  in peoples live today?

we live life at such a fast pace every thing must be done yesterday,

Why do we do this rushing to get thing done.

If you just stopped and took five minutes to just relax and breath 

you will find your mind is clearer its easer to get things done because 

Your body, mind can work together.

so why have i posted the picture because this shows how stress can make you 

feel in side, so by doing a simple five minute breathing it can help to clear the

mind help to take stress out of your body

Here are three simple free steps to help with fear and stress

1, as you wake take five minutes to just breath 

Yes, you can do it while getting dressed .

2, Just gentle go though your body 

stretch gentle breathing in then let the breath go  slowly 

And relax the body three times.

3, I am going to have great day 


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