angry bad can't dread emergency fearful grumpy hurting impossible jam know loss mad no obsessive painful questioning unfair ranting struggling trample unjust vain

Doses life feel like all your money is like the photo

Heres were you make the change 

How will it work yes but its up to you to take control

What do you need to do 

Will it take much time that depends  on you

the more though you are the better things will be

Letting go of the fear you can do this Now all the bills are here after all you spent over Christmas

with dark mornings now is the time to take control of your finances Here’s three things to help you loss that feeling of a bottomless hole, go through bills check they are correct now you should know what your monthly payments are if you have card pay it off as quickly as possible, look at what you buy to keep your bills see if there are things you can cut out.

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