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Don't Take It Personally

Don’t Take It Personally

Life can only feel like this if you take things personally so

why do you feel like this ? Why dose affect so you much more right now because there are the little extra things we do at this time of year as well as work run the home

How can you change this take

5 I am Sorry i love you

Please for Give Me I Love You Thank You

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From Fear To Peace

Don't take it personally 

Why have i used this because  at this time of year there any small 

extra things you do and don't think about but they all take your time energy,

yes some things are great fun but taking 5 to just breath relax will help 

you connect  with your mind and destress  the body, not everything needs 

to be done in a day so pick the most important  first putting the rest in order 

to do you won't feel so stressed you will get more done that will make you feel good.


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