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Don't Let The Scammers Win

Why am i  talking about scammers 

Yes it did happen to me

This the silent thief you don’t see it, you hear it

But you do feel it when you find the money is gone

How can you stop it, Can you stop it Yes you can stop it

if you can get you money in side the bank

check your bank online if you can when take money out

with your card If it dose happen to you contact your

bank as quickly contact the police

It can happen to you

From Fear To Peace is now available as audiobook

Why scammers 

why i am talking about them now,  because  this the time of year 

You and yes me  to get  so tied up in all so extra thing you do 

rush to the bank to get the cash  this also when we use chip pin 

Why not take 5 stop think before you take out the cash outside 

when you could be safer inside  the bank 

Think before you chip pin do i know this shop. 

Author of 

From Fear To Pease 

Available  as book PDF Audiobook 


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