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count Your Blessings

Count you bessings

In this time now leading towards Christmas

Yes i know it seems strange to talk about this now

But the shops start early, the tenshion starts to build

You can stop it before you get there how

with simple steps to show how to relax

learn how to count your blessings

Author From Fear To Peace

Why have i chosen to talk about Christmas now

Because i want you to understand how you can 

let go of the stress, worry about having all you

think you need to have great time,

Why have i used count your blessings

I want you to have time to stop and think 

Before you act on impulse  take some time 

think about what you have to pay for first

its not the money you spend that make the day

it's what you do  how you do it.

Don't let stress, worry be your build up to Christmas.,uk

author of From Fear To Peace


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