Confusion azero yell worthless villainous unwise terrifying suspect rocky quit prejudice oppressive noxious moan lousy junky horrible grim foul evil dismal criminal beneath awful


Confusion why do you feel that way when you are reading all the books but life does not feel like it is changing, How do you make life change can you make life change Yes you can How don’t look on the outside what do i mean you can’t change what is going on around you, but you can change how you see your life by changing how you think. here is one free tip to get you started I made a rainmaker out of empty round wine box filled it with small cooking wait for pastry making it changed what I was thinking and the sound helped me relax

Hi everyone sorry this is late today but gremlins have bean at work today  

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Why confusion  because  this how you feel when things don't look as if they are changing,

What can you  do if that's what you are thinking 

Here is another way you can change your thinking

singing put on your favourite  song, sing  the song 

Know it dose not matter about being in tune you feel change in you.

love to all 

Author of From Fear To Peace 


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