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Checking Your Mail Why am I talking about mail I had a lesson

Why is it important  to check your mail 

Would this be important  to how you mind and body works ?

What difference dose this make to your mail 

today it was not a planned lesson, but I am glad that it happened, What was the lesson I was waiting for two important emails I was told they had been sent they were not in any of my email addresses I went though spam I thought id went through it, yes I did then I thought its time to delete this it would not let me delete all, yes you got it I found both of them lesson clear your spam carefully,    How can I relate emails to your health well being simple I was being to worry because  Thought i had not received them, how did I change my thinking,

I let go of by changing that I was doing  here are some ways to let go

1, walk away from what you are doing for few minutes

2, do a few minutes stretching 

3, go outside for few minutes 


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