alarming boring collapsed damaged enraged frail grim harmful insipid jealous lost messy negative offensive quitting rejected scared tense upsetting vice yell zero

Black White

Light, Dark

Why am I talking about black, white because when you are thinking with negative thoughts it can feel like the colour has gone out of your life, can you get the colour back in your life

yes, you can, How can you do that by letting go of your emotions because everything you think you also feel, my free tip has a book with quotes that change the way you are thinking.

Here are some ideas to get you started

I chose to be free of fear

I Believe in me I can talk life on, love it

I am happy healthy wealthy, well Author From Fear To Peace


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Dark Light

At this time of year with shorter days it can feel even harder 

to believe  in your self and take charge of how you are feeling

the important  point here is you must let go of what you are feeling

because if you don't it can affect  your health,

How can you let go of what you are feeling by releasing the trapped 

emotions  i can help you with a simple technique  you can use your 


Author  From Fear To Peace


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