anger badly can't dreading embedded fearing grim hurting impossible jam loss moody nasty offensive petty quitting reject scared tense unfair vice worthless yelling zero

As Christmas draws near

How to enjoy Christmas  and let go of the stress

How to be free of tension  of getting everything done

why is it so much harder to get though the holiday 

How can you have a great time with out the stress

Why have I sad giving to you , no I am not talking about money I am talking about your health & wellbeing this means taking a close look at your self both manually and physically Why because when your charm & relaxed you can get more done but others around will be easier to work with so you win in two ways

here are three ways to get help it can help stress and clear the clutter in your mind show you how to relax you 1, started doing 3 to 5 minutes breathing 2, meditation 3 to minutes

3, I’m sorry I love you Please forgive me thank you all of these can be done any were, What does this have to do with today's picture, me it means if relaxed I will be more respectful of others & to keep an open mind there is always more than one way to get things done.


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