vicious weary yelling alarming belligerent cold damage enraged feeble grim horrible imperfect junk unfair lousy misunderstood nasty offensive pessimistic quoting revenge scary terrifying

Why am i talking about fear, Fraud how can it affect you, why would it happen to you

We have become so used to connecting though the web that its easy to forget that you have not met the person you are talking to how do i know this because it happened to me, how did i come though it yes i did but to do it i had to let go of my past meant letting go of my fear

here one way to clear your mind fear

I’m Sorry I Love You Please Forgive Me Thank You

Why have i put up photo of fear to peace because it is what makes you feel sad 

How dose this relate to fraud because as we need up to Christmas it makes many 

people feel alone as the places  they go to are closed and with the dark nights 

its not always as easy to get out meet friends, the web can be a great place to connect,

please just think if this is someone you really know or are they just a photo of someone 

Who's identity  has been stollen.

please contact me if this has happened  to you


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