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Sooth Your Pets by Putting Your Trust in an Experienced Animal Healer in Wisbech Cambr

When feeling stressed, it is not always easy to understand why. In fact, many individuals feel overwhelmed by their daily responsibilities, and struggle to establish productive methods of coping. More and more people are turning to life coaching because of the wonderful results it yields. At Top2toe Enterprises, in Wisbech Cambridgeshire, I am a specialist in complementary therapy. I help you to develop fresh, new perspectives and achieve a greater sense of clarity.

Trust an Established Animal Healer

As a talented animal healer, I connect with your pet’s deepest feelings. When your pet is suffering, I listen to them to find out what the problem us. Animals that have been unfortunate enough to have a poor start to life are more difficult to connect with, and it may take a greater length of time to build a trusting rapport with them. For example, if your pet has lived in a lot of different locations, they may be unsettled, or even terrified due to bad past experiences.

I work with:

  • Dogs
  • Horses
  • Farm Animals
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Small Animals

Practicing Alternative Animal Therapy

As a talented animal healer, I am not limited as to who I am able to help. The alternative animal therapy process may be delivered through sound, or sitting and making a connection with them. By strengthening the connection with the animal, I am more able to find out what the problem is. My alternative animal therapy sessions last between 45 minutes and an hour. However, the length of my sessions may vary depending on the animal’s needs.

Get in Touch with Myself, a Caring Animal Healer

Simply get in touch with me to discuss what you think the problem is. Following this, I will arrange an appointment to meet your pet. The most important aspect of my sessions is the animal’s readiness to work with me. As with my life coaching sessions, I devote endless attention to listening to the problems of my clients. After spending time with your pet, I will produce a report detailing the help I feel the animal needs.

Changing Your Pet’s Outlook on Life

As a caring alternative animal therapist, I adore watching the animal’s outlook on life change and become lighter.

As with people, animals may be disturbed by a particular behaviour of any person. However, this person may not realise they are affecting the animal in this way. 

Backed by more than five years of experience working with a variety of animals, I possess the skills to understand their deepest needs.

Receive a Detailed Animal Therapy Consultation

Prior to carrying out any alternative animal therapy sessions, I provide a free 45-minute consultation completely free of charge. Of course, you are not under any obligation to go ahead with the sessions following the consultation. The point of this session is to establish how your animal warms to me. It is important to recognise, however, it is always up to the animal, and an animal cannot be persuaded to go ahead with anything it does not want to.

Arranging a Session to Suit Your Schedule

My alternative animal therapy sessions are priced from £70 per session. However, this may differ depending on the nature, personality, and needs of your animal. 

In addition to life coaching and alternative animal therapy, I offer products that boost wellbeing. I supply a unique range of Organo tea and coffee, which are great as soothing refreshments.

Contact me, in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire to find out more about the alternative animal therapy I provide as a supportive animal healer.

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