About Alexia

My background in the alternative therapies is extensive. Having trained at a spiritualist college in London, I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful individuals from all walks of life. Additionally, I have read Napoleon Hills book many times, and it has been very influential thinking I have completed Napoleon Hills, training and certificate. Supported by a certificate in life coaching, I have dealt with a vast range of people as well as animals, from small pets to large farm animals. Have completed canine first aid course.

Sharing My Personal Story with You

My inspiration is derived from the lessons I have learned in life. Following two near-death experiences, I have tapped into a wealth of guidance and reached an epiphany. My practice is very much centred on healing and growth. I have realised many of the problems individuals are burdened with are only made worse by their own negative thinking patterns. When a person will say something offensive, this is often internalised and can make health issues worse.

A Trusted Alternative Therapy Professional

When confiding in a life coach or alternative therapist, it is important to make sure the practitioner is cleared by the relevant documents. As a reputable professional I am supported by a general police check, reflecting my reliability. As an outgoing individual I adore life and my passion for helping others is fuelled by my enthusiasm for success. Having worked in many sectors, I have liaised with a variety of clients in their homes, and delight in the trusting rapports I build with my customers.

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About Top2toe Enterprises

Achieve goals that are important to you and overcome life’s challenges with help from a fully qualified life coach. At Top2toe Enterprises, in Wisbech Cambridgeshire, I am Alexia Franklin, a supportive practitioner who is backed by more than 50 years of experience. I also sell a variety of organic tea and coffee flavours that are tailored to your tastes.

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Karen Darke Quest 79 to help you

Quest 79 - How you to could use

As with my book from fear to peace I like to tell you when I find something that has helped me in my my journey to bring buzz to my life. Karen told me how she setup quest 79 to help you keep going on the no go days what do I mean Karen was one of our par Olympians won bonze medal in London gold medal at Rio olympics the challenge is training on the I don’t feel like it days so I set my quest 79 to make this world a clean safe place to be why to make the dream as big as gold yes I did achieve my gold still do will you join me learn how to find your inner gold.

Why this picture

Why do work in your community

How does it get you thinking about the good things in life giving can help you feel good but it can go much further than just what you do on your own door step here are just some of the doors that opened to me by giving meeting people keeping the street clean I feel good have had some exercise helped the planet I have found may things that can recycled 90% of what is in the video has been found near me it has now helping people need help setting a home.

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